incidence matrix

incidence matrix

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  • Incidence matrix — In mathematics, an incidence matrix is a matrix that shows the relationship between two classes of objects. If the first class is X and the second is Y, the matrix has one row for each element of X and one column for each element of Y. The entry… …   Wikipedia

  • incidence matrix — noun A matrix showing the relationship between two classes of objects …   Wiktionary

  • Incidence (geometry) — In geometry, the relations of incidence are those such as lies on between points and lines (as in point P lies on line L ), and intersects (as in line L1 intersects line L2 , in three dimensional space). That is, they are the binary relations… …   Wikipedia

  • Incidence structure — In combinatorial mathematics, an incidence structure is a triple :C=(P,L,I)., where P is a set of points , L is a set of lines and I subseteq P imes L is the incidence relation. The elements of I are called flags. If :(p,ell) in I,we say that… …   Wikipedia

  • Incidence algebra — In order theory, a field of mathematics, an incidence algebra is an associative algebra, defined for any locally finite partially ordered set and commutative ring with unity. Contents 1 Definition 1.1 Related concepts 2 Special elements …   Wikipedia

  • Regular Hadamard matrix — In mathematics a regular Hadamard matrix is a Hadamard matrix whose row and column sums are all equal. While the order of a Hadamard matrix must be 1, 2, or a multiple of 4, regular Hadamard matrices carry the further restriction that the order… …   Wikipedia

  • Logical matrix — A logical matrix, binary matrix, relation matrix, Boolean matrix, or (0,1) matrix is a matrix with entries from the Boolean domain B = {0, 1}. Such a matrix can be used to represent a binary relation between a pair of finite sets. Contents 1… …   Wikipedia

  • Binary matrix — In mathematics, particularly matrix theory, a binary matrix or (0,1) matrix is a matrix in which each entry is either zero or one. For example::egin{pmatrix}0 11 0end{pmatrix} is a 2 × 2 binary matrix.Frequently operations on binary matrices are …   Wikipedia

  • Design structure matrix — The design structure matrix (DSM) (also referred to as dependency structure method, dependency structure matrix, problem solving matrix (PSM), incidence matrix, n square matrix or design precedence matrix) is a compact, matrix representation of a …   Wikipedia

  • Adjacency matrix — In mathematics and computer science, an adjacency matrix is a means of representing which vertices (or nodes) of a graph are adjacent to which other vertices. Another matrix representation for a graph is the incidence matrix. Specifically, the… …   Wikipedia

  • Unimodular matrix — In mathematics, a unimodular matrix M is a square integer matrix with determinant +1 or −1. Equivalently, it is an integer matrix that is invertible over the integers: there is an integer matrix N which is its inverse (these are equivalent under… …   Wikipedia

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